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There is a power-packed mutual attraction as soon as you meet now Venus takes up a new position in the skies. Compatibility may be in short supply, though!

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Logic takes over when you have a love decision to make and although this sounds unromantic, it leads to the relationship you always wanted. Work-wise, changes may not be the ones you expected but they could give you more power and a chance to shine. Joining a local group of entertainers is a great way to start, especially if there is a charity connection. But your glittering success could unsettle a partner, so do take time to talk it all through with them.

With Venus in the most settled and confident part of your chart, you could be ready to talk about moving in together. As your ruling light, the sun, goes deeper into your communication chart, there is a special clarity and entertainment value in your words and you have a gift for speaking in public.

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UK only. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: Self-care, even if you're in love, is important today. You need to look after your personal needs first before seeking to resolve that of another's. What you learn about your own needs not only can help you to understand how to see the world in a new way, it will create change in your world and improve it.

Aquarius, choose a side. A decision may need to be made today as it relates to love.

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Is it work, love, or your personal needs? It can feel like a juggling act! Today, take a deep breathe and know you can't control the world, but you can work on one moment at a time. Libra, life is full of wonderful possibilities. Passion may shine a light on your sense of self today. If you have issues with self-esteem or have been feeling insecure in another area, you may not want to put your guards down just yet.

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Learning to face fear head-on can help you to properly love you'll have to let your guards down and embrace the opportunity to love as you can. You are ready to make a commitment that extends beyond casual dating. If you're in a relationship, you might even want to talk about marriage, but there's also work Work can be getting in the way with what you want to do, but as the Mars gets acquainted with Aquarius energy, your ability to spend more time with friendships can increase.

Virgo, be cautious with who you love. The words people use is revealing today. Encourage conversation and put on your listener's ears. Dig in deep and avoid drama with people that claim to love you. If a friend is in need of some loving care, be sure to love yourself and not over give. It's okay to love from a distance at times, too. Capricorn, pay attention to the details.

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A friend can be more clingy and need approval, and yet it's important for you to own yourself and not allow anything to command your time. Let resources be used wisely, including how you spend your day. Know your own needs and put them first. Aries, something that seems small can hurt you deeply. You may have an awakening about feelings that you have related to your lover or partner. You can experience a new way of viewing love and romance. Your motivation for giving and receiving love could change and become more platonic for a period of time even if deep romantic love is still there.

Leo, be truthful when asked for your opinion. You may have a grip on your confidence these days, and it can encourage you to take a leap of passion especially if you've fallen in love. Your dsire for connectivity and commitment grows. If you're thinking about searching for a soulmate this week and month could be your lucky one.


Sagittarius, don't leap before looking. If you feel betrayed recently or in any way, thoughts about the past can bring emotional intensity today for you.

You might wish to get even or ponder the possibilities if you're truly still angry or hurt.