February 19 birthday libra horoscope

You need your birth day month and year to find your moon sign.

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Here I included photos of moon sign charts for the years — If your birthday is before or after , you can just look up moon sign calculator on google and plug in your birthday! To use the chart: if you birthday is February 18, you would go to that year, then go to the February column and find Therefore, your moon sign would be Gemini. If your birthday is April 2, your moon sign would be Libra. You rising sign also called the Ascendant sign indicates your outer personality- how you present yourself or appear to others- as well as the skills and techniques you use to get what you need.

Cusp of Aquarius Pisces! (February 19 - 25)

We often embody the traits of our rising sign to as we go about our daily lives. Here I have included the rising sign charts. For example, if your birthday was January 16 and you were born at pm, you would go to the January row, second column and at your rising sign would be Gemini.

Pisces Dates: February 19 to March 20

If your birthday was June 4 and you were born at am, your rising sign would be Cancer. So there you have it! I hope that was interesting to you and again, astrology goes way more in depth than this and there can be many other elements to your birth chart that are more complicated to understand.

Its still fun to look up your signs and see how relatable you find them!

Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

If anyone was curious, I am a Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Scorpio rising! Your email address will not be published.

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    Rising Sign:

    This feature is updated daily to include all birthdays as the year progresses. Click on a date on the calendar or on a birthday in the list. Check back on the date of your birth for a forecast for the or period depending on the current date. Born November 12 - Relationships are in high focus this year, and you can find yourself in demand.

    An aura of positive energy surrounds you this year. There can be some inspired moments in the year ahead.

    February 19 Birthday Astrology

    You're especially resourceful and enterprising when your spirits are high. There are distinct opportunities emerging to enjoy and express yourself, although there can be ups and downs in your social or love life. There can be a great personal interest or hobby that consumes your attention in positive ways You are determined and some might say stubborn.

    The trick for you is to channel your determination into something constructive--into a life path that suits you well. Otherwise, your tendency to become fixated can lead you down the wrong path, especially if you struggle with self-esteem issues.

    The Libra-Scorpio Cusp in Astrology

    Your mind is strong, and you possess significant powers of attraction. You have a good eye for form and style. Emotional self-indulgence is a potential downfall for you.