Aquarius girl compatibility with aquarius boy

Do you know that one person that does not seek for attention but somehow always gets into the spotlight and seems so mysterious, unusual and original? That might be Aquarius woman, apparently not completely aware of the fuss around her. She is not narcissistic nature but rather eccentric. Independence is one the features that is essential for any Aquarius. This rebellious side of her can be a problem for most of the men but not that much for Aries. Love her when she is not expecting and that spontaneous act will fascinate her.

They are very alike so he will understand the need to be apart from the partner. She can be very adventurous and this is one the things that Aries seeks in a woman. In this case, every time they hang out it can be a little adventure of its own. She attracts people and the opposite sex with her unique style and unusual manner either with her speaking or wearing weird clothes, hair or makeup.

Aquarius Man

Her attitudes and futuristic point of view show her wide mind. She has talent for public speaking and writing so you may find her involved in some kind of activism or similar. Aquarius is full of genius ideas and this may fascinate Aries. One of the constant fears that this woman feels is that she will lose herself and her personality.

Her mind is occupied with many things and can feel a bit insecure. If she gets hurt many times, she will eventually close up and act rationally. In that case she can have many relations in her life but not truly settle down. These two may have very unusual connection. At first, they can start as friends with benefits but if their interests fit especially if both of them are talented for some kind of art they will spend a lot of time together. Rebellious and adventurous, they can keep up with each other.

6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

There can be an instant attraction but to have a deeper relation she must feel comfortable to let the man to get to know her. Once the trust is built, they can both have a relation of quality. Concerning intimacy they go well together. Aquarius likes to experiment and Aries simply loves sex so there will be no issues. Emotions are not required and that is a benefit for both of the sings if they want an instant crush. One of the challenging things for both of the signs is to settle down. It can happen in some point of their lives when they decide that is time to grow up and have a family.

Can we say best pals? Well not really, but definitely can be friends. This friendship can come through out many outdoor activities such as extreme sports and similar. There is always something going on, always on the move and surrounded with people. They can even be musicians and Aquarius almost always has to do something with a larger crowd and with the public.

In that case they can go well together and be around each other all the time. Nope, just pointing out fact. We can also be dumbasses too, but one thing is for sure, let me get into your head and heart and you might as well just hand over your life. Just hard to oppose when u feel a certain way. You are hilarious and totally arrogant to think that your opinion of libra males is a fact.

Keep your emotions separate from your opinions. Libras are notorious for catching liars?? You got that backwards.. All I have to say about all this is no one person is the same as another……. Sure I have been all tht has been described as a libra….. Im not denying tht……. I was unbalanced…… And it is hard…… Life is hard….. We all have to go through trials….. But In my op. This article is right….. U make life how u want it people…..

The Aquarius Woman

Me being a faithful, caring man…. Not libra…. I dnt go into a relationship expecting angels to descend from heaven….. I go into it with an open mind….. I love my aquarius women w all my heart and she means the world to me….. I already knw this……. She truelly would follow me and trusts me to take charge and be the leader….

All i have to do is look at her and her look at me and we both knw wht level or direction to take…. I have lots of friends too…some r girls………I never ever ask her wht she is doing or drill her or get jealous….. I found my someone that crossed my path and I hope he continues to want to walk life with me. I enjoy everything about him. We are like one. I love his soul, and just want to take care if him.

He turns me on with his looks and mind. He is Sooo funny we laugh all the time. We have so much in common. I feel elated everytime im with him. He is so sweet and. I hope we last forever. We been dating for a month.

A Sagittarius Man

But it feels like forever. We talked for a three months total..

Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man – A Match Made In Heaven

Josh libra — I know what ya mean. He is so into me, and I am into him. I trust him.. He is lucky to have me..

He is so smart listens to everything I say. So witty. He is amazing. We are so spiritual together.. I just wanna be with him. He is not jealous and I love his confidence.. Im so faithful and I trust him. Just a perfect match. I live to do whatever pleases him..

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It will work. Hi Most of this is true. I really disliked him. Sarcastic,witty, spontaneous and down to earth.

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He had shut himself completely. Anyway I ended it last month. And for me he was an affirmation that I can be monogamous.