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He takes a keen interest in biography work, gender issues, history, mundane, psychological and karmic astrology. His first book 'The mysterious 8th house — facing the shadow' has recently been translated into English. The Yod, also called finger of god, is the most difficult amongst the three-leg figures.

Comprising of two quincunxes and a sextile, it often feels like a constant nagging, nervousness and longing. After all, it is impossible to be in three places at once. Grace K. Morris, M. She works with businesses worldwide. Her work has been recognized in articles in Forbes, Financial Times, Bloomberg and many financial publications. Major changes are occurring in , global upheavals, boundary changes, leadership changes affecting the economy and business cycles.

What does this mean to your personal finances.

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What cycles are we now in to make money and prosper whatever the state of the worldwide economy? Astrology has researched these cycles back over years and they have been successfully used over and over in the financial community.

Techniques to pick winning stocks and sectors. Whether you are new to investing and need tips on selecting a discount broker, using planetary cycle analysis along with fundamental and technical analysis or are a fund manager, you will find value in using astrology as both a timer and to help you choose the top stocks in the projected winning sectors. Our track record has been on display in our monthly stock market newsletter for over 25 years.


Owner of Astrology et al Bookstore, Gregory has been in astrology since he was a child. His focus in astrology is based in Eastern Philosophy and Psychological. How do we identify Karma in a chart? A basic Understanding of Astrology is required. A 2nd-generation astrologer, Laura has been teaching and lecturing since Her focus and passion is Evolutionary Astrology, as taught by Jeffrey Green.

Currently serves as president of the Washington State Astrological Association. We often feed ourselves in ways that satisfy in the moment, but do not nourish us in the long run.

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From food, to relationships, to possessions. Join Laura as she explores Ceres through the archetypes. Come join Laura in delving into this simple, yet elegant technique in natal chart reading. Giulio Pellegrini is a consulting astrologer based in Seattle, WA. He combines esoteric, hermetic, and psychological traditions in a new synthesis of understanding. Giulio has recently lectured at the Oregon Astrological Association and is delighted to be returning to Norwac for a second speaking engagement. Why do Baby Boomers continue to cling to outmoded power structures? Why is Generation X so grumpy?

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Why do Millennials appear to be so narcissistic and yet socially aware? Each generation comes of age and must confront a shadow that both terrifies and tempts. Samuel F. Reynolds, a former skeptic, had a life-changing visit to an astrologer and has since spent nearly 30 years doing charts and studying astrology. Now Samuel consults and teaches astrology full-time. He also serves on the board of directors for the International Society for Astrological Research and has written horoscopes for several print and online publications, like Ebony and New York Magazine.

Connect with him on Instagram and Twitter at sfreynolds.

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Learn more about what the Parts of Spirit and Fortune are in your chart, how they are calculated, and ways to reference them in timing and enhancing your personal development. At nearly any level of astrology is a belief that we can predict and forecast the future from a particular moment. If so, by how much? Is it really still about free will vs.

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Why or why not? Reynolds will address some of these questions and more in this keynote, drawing on recent findings in neuroscience, philosophy, and astrology. Learn simple and clear ways to identify the Lunar Node bendings in a chart and how to use them to direct yourself or others toward their spiritual growth and development. Vernon J. Robinson has studied astrology for over 25 years, involved in the Evolutionary Astrology for the past 18 years and has been counseling clients for 14 years.

Vernon does astrological counseling for clients, teaches basic and advanced astrology classes.

He is currently working on research for the astrology chart of the First African Slave Ship coming to Hampton, Virginia. He can be reached at vernon univastro. Astrological architypes and principles can be used to support the principles of evolutionary astrology of a soul re-incarnating over many lifetimes. With a background in anti-oppression activism and organizing, his astrological research integrates Mundane, Evolutionary, Modern, and Traditional schools of thought and explores the intersections of power, privilege, and politics as seen in the chart.

His mission is to help his clients remain grounded and empowered while they accelerate their growth. Astrology is reaching a broader audience than ever before — bringing a diverse crowd to our conference lectures and consultation rooms. Just as in the world-at-large we astrologers are faced with the task of making our offerings more accessible, inclusive, and reflective of those who seek our services.

Sonal Sachdeva is an Astrologer, documentarian and resident Jyotishi Vedic Astrologer Consultant at Watkins Books, highly acclaimed and oldest esoteric bookshops.

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She launched Divine Astro Essences in , a range of oil blends, using principles of Astrological Aromatherapy. It is planet with the highest longitudinal degrees. Planet which is responsible for your physical wellbeing is the planet with the second highest longitudinal degrees.

There's literally no other school like this.

The Interplay of two Planets will determine how you reach spiritual purpose and goal as well as achieving your concrete, material aims in this lifetime. Leisa Schaim is a Denver-based astrologer with a particular interest in combining the best of modern and traditional astrology to illustrate and interpret stories of human experience. She can be reached at leisaschaim. Everyone and everything has a birth chart, and some correspond with stranger circumstances than others. Though the major periods show the big-picture backdrop, this technique operates on at least four levels simultaneously.

French Vanity Fair named Nadiya Shah one of the top 12 astrologers on the planet, crowning her a pioneer in video astrology. Astrology and Magic have an intertwined history. It has long been understood that aligning your desires with the astrological symbols of the moment can bring you closer to them. Seeking help from the Universe, through astrology, is part of our tradition as well. This class will introduce you to some of the historical giants of modern esoteric practice. We will also explore some introductory principals and practices of Astrological Magic, as well as insights into achieving our aims.

A life well lived will go through these cycles at time, to help us cultivate the inner strength and spiritual agility that only change can bring. This class will examine what myth and astrology can tell us about the experience of profound change, and how to best navigate it. Kelly Surtees blends traditional astrology techniques in her modern practice to provide clients and students a holistic experience with astrology. She teaches online astrology classes through her website, and for Astrology University. In addition to editing the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide, Kelly offers clients consultations, and mentoring for students of all levels.

An Aussie by birth, Kelly lives in Canada and spends most of the year travelling to teach and consult on astrology.